Dalia Wadie is a woman with fine taste, no surprise she chose me to become her husband some 25 years ago (lol). Dalia whose name taken from the flower Dahlia , decided to put her passion along with her over 15 years experience in the trade into one place “DEALZEAL.CA”
She put together many elements in her business model
1- Uniqueness: You will see jaw-dropping women’s jewelry collection in the store, in addition to Deal Zeal exclusive brand “IDENTITY”. Get ready to be amazed!
2- Speed: You will never miss out on surprising your lady even if you act last minute. Dalia built her inventory in Ontario, Canada, which means you will have your orders delivered to your doorstep sooner than any other store. Better yet, you pay no custom duties if you order to a Canadian address!
3- Client Advocacy: We at Deal Zeal are fanatically biased to our customers. That means satisfaction is guaranteed.
4- Unbeatable Prices: Where did you see this last time? Where are elite products sold at a reasonable price? You are right, not too many places! But we commit to this hard equation to provide you with the product you want at the price you need.
Finally join me in wishing my dear wife all the best with her new business endeavour, and remember, it can not work without YOU!
Ed Wadie
Executive Coach